Introducing the revolutionary DJI Matrice 30 – DJI’s newest drone. Equipped with a remote control, this drone is ready to take on any tactical mission. The M30 offers top of the line data security protocols ensuring security and privacy with each use.

The M30 is only 8.2 pounds making it faster, lighter, and more compact than its predecessor, the M300. In fact, it can easily be folded at the push of a button and carried in a backpack to go wherever you go. This makes the M30 more portable than any other of DJI’s industrial drones.

In addition to its lightweight body and secure network, the Matrice 30 offers outstanding performance in harsh weather. It’s rain resistant, performs well in high winds and altitudes, and functions in extreme temperatures from -4℉ to a whopping 122℉.

The M30 is equipped with a wide camera, zoom lens, thermal imaging camera, and laser rangefinder, which captures all the aerial data you need. These lenses promise superior image quality, allowing you to see high quality photos and video in low light conditions. The M30 has four built-in antennas which enables triple-channel 1080p video transmission, ensuring accurate representation from the sky.

M30 Features:

  • 48-megapixel, 16x optical zoom (200x digital zoom) camera lens
  • 41-minute flight time
  • 640*512 resolution thermal camera
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Laser rangefinder that scans up to 1,200 meters away
  • IP55 Protection

This product will be available towards the end of 2022. For more information, contact us HERE.

DJI RC Plus Controller

The new and improved DJI controller is a 7-inch touch screen controller is made to be operated with gloves on, making it the ideal for cold environments. Like the M30, the controller can handle temperatures from -4℉ to 122℉. The DJI RC Plus Controller can operate for up to 6 hours running with stable video feed. It has a battery pack as well as two internal batteries.

The controller software has been upgraded to the all-new DJI Pilot 2, designed to improve piloting efficiency and flight safety. DJI Pilot 2 has reimagined user interface, adding a new ergonomic design and enabling quick operations.

The DJI Dock

Rain or shine, day or night, the DJI Dock is prepared to take on the most daunting of tasks. It’s built to withstand environmental challenges and work for you, so you don’t have to endure those extreme conditions. With its simple set up and integrated design, the DJI Dock is nothing like we’ve seen before. So, what is it you ask? The DJI Dock is transforming the way we use drones today. It was built to operate alone and allows for automatic and repeatable drone flights. This is where your Matrice 30 will land, recharge, and take off again to finish whatever tasks you’ve assign it. The DJI Dock offers complete cloud control, so you can use the FlightHub 2 to gather data, get real-time updates, create/edit flight routes, and schedule missions from afar. It weighs less than 220 pounds, so it can easily be transported with the help of any vehicle.

DJI Dock Features:

  • IP55 Ingress Protection
  • -4℉ to a 122℉ Operating Temperature
  • 5 Hour Backup Battery
  • Active Temperature Control – For Fast Charging and Drone Safety
  • 6 Month Maintenance Interval
  • 40kA Surge Protection
  • Wide-Angle Security Camera
  • Integrated Weather Station
  • Internal Omni-Directional Antenna
  • RTK Module
  • Edge Computing Expansion Slot

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