Drone Packages

Security and Event Drone Applications

With the use of long-range zoom capability and thermal technology, drones can e used to provide airborne intelligence and situational awareness to ground teams covering large areas ad crowds.


Drones can be used to save time that is critical to construction build times by surveying cities faster. The Matrice 30 series is lightweight, portable, and ingrates multiple high performance sensors that allow more weather resistance, and new technologies to improve the quality of drone inspections.


Whether it is a home or industrial inspection, drones make the task safer and less expensive. The Matrice 300 RTK delivers an extended range and flight time, a more flexible remote controller setup, and new AI features to make your inspection mission easier.

Introducing DJI Government Edition

Government agencies use drones for some of their most important work and have stringent information security requirements.
DJI meets those needs with the new DJI Government Edition hardware and software solution, exclusively for government agencies. DJI Government Edition offers our most advanced security measures, ensuring governments can perform their essential drone work confidently and securely.