Drone Packages

Plant Intelligence for Targeted Action.

Agriculture Industry Drone Applications

Today, farmers have access to more technologies and tools than ever before to protect, nurture, and maximize the productivity and health of their farms. In particular, precision agriculture practices like remote sensing have enabled farmers to identify issues early, act with assurance, and eliminate guesswork.

Crop Spraying & Agriculture Inspection

Agricultural drones have the ability to carry a large payload of spray and can be operated more safely at a fraction of the cost compared to crop dusters, and more efficiently than manually spraying from a vehicle. Drones are quickly becoming the ideal solution for precision agriculture compared to traditional methods.

Multi-Spectral Cameras

Gather precise plant-level data using multispectral cameras, integrated into a high-precision drone with a seamlessly integrated multispectral imaging system built for agriculture missions, environmental monitoring, and more. Different from regular cameras, a Multi-Spectral camera can see more than normal RGB bands allowing for precise viewing.

Agricultural Advantages

The use of drones in agriculture enables farmers to more accurately analyze crop information such as growth patterns, potential yields, and much more by utilizing the multispectral cameras and systems in the drone.

Drone technology can optimize traditional farming without the need to use a manned aircraft. Not only saving money, but time for tasks such as inspection, spraying, and much more.

Drone usage in agriculture provides an ecofriendly alternative to current methods such as the crop dusters and more by reducing fuel usage of aircraft and allowing for efficient, precise actions.


As the world population continues to grow, we need innovative ways to feed more people sustainably. Meet the new tool that makes your workflow efficient – the DJI P4 Multispectral.