UAS Training

Our proprietary UAS Training program provides instruction on the fundamentals of unmanned systems theory. The course topics are tailorable based on the needs of the user, and generally include: Part 107 training, pre-flight operations, mission planning, in-flight operations, post-flight operations, and basic care and maintenance of the systems. Using lecture, guided discussion, hands on training, and practical application, we ensure that each student grasps and comprehends each component of instruction. At the completion of training, our students are prepared to take the FAA Part 107 test and they’re ready to safely and effectively operate their UAS platform.


Vector Solutions leverages decades of Special Operations knowledge and experience to create the industry leading Unmanned Aerial Systems program. As a turn-key provider, Vector supports the full life-cycle of UAS management through our proprietary Training, Operations, Safety and Sustainment (TOSSTM) program. The program design supports increased effectiveness and efficiency while reducing liability. Our certified program managers, instructors, and subject matter experts feed from special mission aviation operations and industry best practices. As leaders in the field, our program supports agencies with equipment and training solutions, tailored and customizable for each milestone in the development and sustainment of effective and safety focused UAS operations. 

DJI: Training Series Introduction: M2E Series, M300, H20T, Pilot

Quick intro to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, Matrice 300RTK, and DJI Pilot App training series.