DJI’s Mavic Mini: The best drone for indoor tactical missions

Drone flying into a window

Everything you need to know about the Mavic Mini

Don’t count the Mavic Mini out for tactical missions. One of DJI’s smaller drones, the Mavic Mini, is the ultimate indoor drone for police departments and SWAT teams. With prices under $500, the mini is an ideal starter drone for public safety departments.

How do I use the Mavic Mini for a mission?

Most public safety agencies overlook the Mavic Mini because of its entry-level, consumer-grade features. While the mini is not the drone for long surveillance or windy, outdoor flights, it does offer features that the more significant enterprise DJI drones do not.

The Mavic Mini is reputable for its excellent indoor flying capabilities. In certain cases, SWAT teams are using the Mini to enter a structure first, thus reducing the danger to personnel. The Mini can quickly fly through windows and doors, allowing it to enter potentially hazardous areas of a building, giving advance notice of threats. The Mini comes with 360 propeller guards allowing the drone to bump into walls without damaging it.

What are the Mavic Mini’s capabilities?

The Mavic Mini has a 30-minute flight time with a 4km HD video transmission. It has GPS precise hover and is wind resistant up to 15 miles per hour. Its 30-minute flight time and 2.7K camera make it one of the most capable drones for its size and price. The Mini’s basic package starts at $399. For a hundred dollars more at $499, it comes with essential accessories in the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. The accessories include a case, propeller guards, multiple replacement propellers and three batteries.

If the Mini loses signal while flying, it will stay put and hover or automatically land if the batteries are low. With its low price, this is a drone that is replaceable if shot down or otherwise destroyed during a mission.

How does the Mini compare to other drones?

Some other DJI drones that can be flown indoors include the Tello and the Mavic 2 Enterprise series. While the Tello is small and inexpensive, it does not have a wide range to fly far from the remote controller. It can fly through doors and windows, but it will not survey the inside of a building from a safe distance for special ops missions.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise series drones are excellent public safety drones, but their larger size and expense make them less ideal for crowded indoor operations.

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