UAS Mission Case

Portable FPV Tactical Operations Case.

24″ 1080 HD Monitor Fully Stand Alone for Field Deployment




Our UAS Mission Case provides users with the perfect solution for second screen capability for Emergency Response and SWAT teams: a fully standalone, internally powered hard case with storage.

Quick simple deployment, this portable and waterproof case is easy to transport and has its own internal power supply powered by a Portable Generator (electric storage cell) that can be recharged off 110 wall plug or solar panel. The built in 24″ HD display provides sharp clear images and boasts a range of about 30′. Ample storage for a Mavic drone and accessories with pull-apart foam that allows you to customize as needed.

Two inputs allow you to connect two aircraft and switch between both displays. The case provides enough portable power to power the screen for 5-6 hours before plugging in. It can be used to charge batteries, strobes, RC controllers, tablets, phones and more via its 2- 110 AC plugs as well as 4 -USB ports.

Mission Case includes:

1- Tactical Operations FPV Case with 24″ HD Screen (Wheeled hard case with handle)

Exterior Dimensions: 24.3″ x 16.0″ x 10.10″ – Interior Dimensions: 22.12″ x 13.54″ x 8.50″.

1- Custom foam padding insert that allows customization (or can be removed for open storage)

(Shown with optional Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced foam kit)

1- Wireless Streaming HDMI module supports IOS, Android, Crystal Sky and Smart Controllers

1- Dual HDMI Switch Box- Allows multiple aircraft to be connected

1- 15′ HDMI Cable

1- 143 Mwh Power Supply and Wall Charger (runs screen 4-6 hours)