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Vector Aerial is the premier source for cost-effective unmanned aerial systems and services. Our team of experts provide custom & mission-specific drone builds, sales, services, and programs. Our team of professionals will work directly with you to create a UAS solution that fits your needs.

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Industrial Applications

Drones have quickly become an indispensable, cost-effective tool for industrial applications. Drones offer unmatched capability, saving users significant time & money. UAS systems can be tailored for almost any industrial application.

Vector Aerial

Public Safety Drones have become a critical part of public safety and first responder organizations across the country. Our team of UAS experts, with military, LE & fire/EMS backgrounds, prides themselves on understanding first responders’ needs & requirements.

Search & Rescue

Law Enforcement

Disaster Response

Fire Fighting

Agriculture &

Vector Aerial’s experts are prepared to help you with your drones needs. Whether its a UAS for inspections, agriculture, mobile command and control systems, or UAS program development, our professionals are ready to assist you

Thermal Cameras

Multispectral Cameras

Crop Spray & AG Inspection

UAS Program Development


Vector Aerial provides professional aerial mapping, survey and inspection services throughout the country using our cutting-edge drone technology.

We Build Custom Drones Packages.

Let our drone experts develop a platform with a custom payload capability tailored to your specific needs.